When the Wind Blows: Why Hire an Arborist for Fallen Trees?

22 November 2022
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When a mature tree falls over in an urban environment, it can cause chaos and destruction. If your home or your car has suffered damage, or you can't move around your property safely, you need to remove the fallen tree quickly. But there are many reasons to avoid removing a fallen tree yourself.

In the event that a tree falls on your property, the best thing to do is to call an arborist or tree service. Arborists are best qualified to remove fallen trees for several reasons.

A safe and thorough evaluation

An experienced arborist, who has the training and experience to remove fallen trees, will first perform an assessment. An initial assessment helps to identify damage, as well as potential damage that might occur if the fallen tree shifts. An arborist can also check for damage to utility lines and coordinate with your utility service if necessary.

The operation and use of heavy machinery

Removing a large fallen tree from a property requires large and heavy machinery. Most homeowners don't have the right equipment or skills to remove fallen trees safely. An arborist or tree service can operate heavy machinery such as cranes, wood chippers and excavators. These machines are often invaluable when removing large fallen trees.

The correct cutting techniques for safe tree removal

To remove a fallen tree safely and effectively, you need to use the right cutting techniques. If you use the wrong cutting techniques while cutting a falling tree, large portions of the tree may fall and damage your property or the surrounding areas. Arborists can assess fallen trees, create a safe and effective plan of action and then use the proper cutting techniques and equipment for removal.

The clearance of debris on and around your home

As well as the bulk of the fallen tree itself, you also have to deal with the debris that a fallen tree leaves behind. You may have branches scattered over your roof and caught up in nearby trees and brush. An arborist can remove tree debris for you using the right safety equipment to scale your roof or nearby trees. They can then put that debris through a wood chipper and dispose of it for you.

If a tree has fallen on your property, call an arborist as soon as you can. An arborist can remove your fallen tree quickly and safely before it shifts and causes even more damage.

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