FAQs On Tree Removal Services

15 November 2021
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Are you considering hiring a tree removal company for the first time? You probably have many questions about the process. Here are answers to the most common questions clients ask .

When Is Tree Removal a Good Solution? 

Tree removal is often a last resort and is used only when necessary for a tree that cannot be saved. You should seek removal if the tree is: 

  • Diseased, dying, or has some dead branches
  • Becoming a danger concern
  • Needs to be replaced with a better tree specimen
  • Is causing an obstruction that pruning cannot correct
  • Has started crowding other trees
  • Is developing root problems

How Do Arborists Remove Trees, and What Does the Process Include?

The tree removal service begins when a licensed tree removal company sends its experts to cut a tree. The arborists use special tools for the tree removal process and cut the tree in sections starting from top of the tree. A single giant chop done once at the base of the tree is unsafe in most cases. 

Depending on the company, some may use cranes to cut down large trees. The crane offers support to the tree instead of allowing it to fall to the ground after cutting. This is safer and reduces the chance of damage to your home or property.

Is There a Best Season to Seek Tree Removal?

No, there is no best or worst season when it comes to tree removal. Most tree removal companies work throughout the year. However, most trees grow in the summer. Therefore, during summer, it is easy to monitor the health of a tree and prune it. 

During winter, trees tend to be dormant. Winter offers a perfect opportunity for heavy pruning and tree removal since there are no leaves on deciduous trees and other vegetation won't need to be preserved. Nonetheless, you can seek tree removal services at any time.

How Much Does It Cost?

Numerous factors influence the cost of tree removal. For example, the height of your tree and its diameter matter. A huge and tall tree is more expensive to cut down compared to a short one.

The condition of the tree will also play a huge role in determining the cost. A sick or diseased tree is weak and unstable, increasing the safety risks while cutting the tree down. 

Do You Have an Unanswered Question?

Would you like to seek tree removal services, but some of your questions don't appear here? Get in touch with an arborist today to get answers to any questions you may have and for expert tree removal services.