The Don'ts of Tree Pruning

16 March 2021
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Did you know that trees add value to a property? Most property owners are unaware of the fact; therefore, some do not mind cutting down the trees growing on their compound. If you understand the benefits of trees on your compound, you will realise that maintenance of the vegetation is justified. Pruning is a critical part of tree maintenance, particularly if the plants grow next to a roof or overhead electric cables. That said, arborists do not conduct tree pruning haphazardly. They must observe crucial dos and don'ts to get the job done. This article focuses on the don'ts of tree pruning

Don't Prune Without a Good Reason

One of the greatest mistakes you can make when pruning a tree is doing so without reason. Notably, homeowners should keep a close eye on trees growing too close to overhead electric cables or roofs. The reason is that growing branches pose a significant danger to such structures, and pruning is the only way to prevent mishaps. However, it is wrong to prune a tree for the sake of it. For instance, a tree growing in the middle of your lawn does not pose any threat whatsoever and is not a candidate for pruning.  

Don't Tackle Pruning Projects that require Heavy Machinery

Usually, homeowners should leave tree pruning to professional arborists, but this is not always the case. Homeowners can effectively and safely prune short trees or low hanging branches without engaging an arborist. However, you should never attempt a pruning job that requires heavy machinery, such as a chain saw or a ladder. For safety reasons, such tasks should be left in the capable hands of a qualified and licensed arborist. They have the necessary tools and safety equipment to prune high and thick branches without exposing themselves to danger. 

Don't Prune Trees Less than a Year Old

Some trees grow fast, which can be frustrating for homeowners who want to keep their lawns neat. Such trees shed many leaves; therefore, most people resort to pruning to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their lawn. However, you should never prune trees less than a year old because doing so stunts their growth. The only time you should prune a young tree is if it has dead branches or is broken. Most importantly, avoiding pruning during the first year of growth allows trees to become strong enough to weather pruning stress. 

For more information about tree pruning, contact a local arborist.