Are You Planning DIY Tree Removal? Here are 3 Reasons to Use Professionals Instead

13 January 2021
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Caring for the trees in your compound might seem like part of the routine things you have to do to keep a beautiful landscape. However, as the trees grow bigger and taller, they can become riskier to manage. You might have to invest in specific training and safety gear to take care of tall trees alone. Instead of risking damages, liabilities and injuries, it is wise to hire a professional arborist for tree removal

These three main reasons are why you should hire tree removal professionals instead of removing the trees for yourself.

You Cannot Manage Gravity

One of the greatest risks you will be taking when you decide to remove a tree without professional help is not knowing how it will behave when cut. You might have some basic ideas and cutting techniques that guide the falling path of the tree, but they cannot rule out mistakes. When a tree has internal weaknesses, it might fall on your roof and cause damage. A falling tree is also a danger to human and animal life. 

A professional tree remover understands how trees behave when cut. In case they map the path and discover that it might damage a structure on the way down, they will remove some branches first. They will also use guidance to ensure the tree falls in the safest space.

You Cannot Remove Your Power Lines

The second great danger to the tree removal process is power lines. If a falling tree was to get caught between power lines, the short-circuiting lead to electrocution and fire damage that will ruin your home. The local authorities might charge you for the damage to any property if you don't have the right permits.

The tree removalists start their process by getting the appropriate approvals and permits from the authorities. Then, they ensure to steer clear of power lines.

You Might Not Know About Decaying Wood

You cannot know whether your tree has internal decay by just looking at it. Once you start cutting at it with a power saw, the inside could collapse if it has decay, making the tree very unstable. The entire tree might even splinter, which is very dangerous.

Professionals inspect the tree for damages before they attempt to remove it. They will anticipate any surprises and use the right measures to prevent damage. 

The professionals are better placed than you to handle tree removal. Spend your money on a trusted and experienced service to minimise losses, injuries and liabilities.