4 Signs That You Need to Trim Your Tree

11 November 2020
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In a forest, trees have all the room they need to grow and flourish without the help of human intervention. But in an urban setting, where buildings outnumber trees and root space is often limited due to footpaths and structures, trees need help to flourish.

Tree trimming is an essential part of tree care. When you prune your trees regularly, you extend their lives, make them more beautiful and protect your property.

If you haven't trimmed your tree in a while, the following signs indicate that it's time to do so.

1. Multiple dead branches

Trees often sacrifice branches throughout their lifetime. This is because some lower branches don't take in enough food and so are not needed. And disease is also to blame for multiple dead branches. If you see multiple dead branches in your tree's canopy, hire a tree trimmer to remove them.

A professional can remove the branches safely and diagnose the cause for you.

2. A thick canopy

While a thick canopy of green leaves might look nice to you, it isn't always good for a tree's health. Trees need a constant flow of air throughout their canopy to keep diseases and pests at bay.

A thick canopy blocks the airflow, as well as sunlight, leading to ideal conditions for disease to take hold and spread. Thinning a thick canopy will remedy this issue.

3. Crossing branches

Crossing branches are bad for a tree's health because when they rub together in windy weather, they damage the protective bark layer that keeps pests and disease out. If a pest or disease enters a damaged branch in this manner, they could spread quickly to other parts of the tree.

It's a good idea to remove crossed branches as soon as possible.

4. Invasive branches

If your tree's branches are invading a neighbour's property or approaching nearby power lines, it's time for a trim. The same applies if your tree's branches are approaching your home's roof or windows. If your tree comes into contact with nearby powerlines, they could catch fire. On a hot day, that would be disastrous.

And invasive branches can leave the door open for pests to invade your home or even your neighbour's home, which could prove very costly.

Is your tree in need of a trim? Then hire a professional to do it for you. A professional tree trimmer knows how to trim a tree without harming it or putting your property at risk.

To learn more, contact a local tree trimming service.