Tree Felling Permit Guide

7 October 2020
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Have a tree on your residential property that you need to cut down? Because of the ecological importance of trees to the environment, tree protection laws exist to regulate the removal of trees. Individual local governments across Australia have set their own regulations for tree removal. Whether you need a permit to remove a tree from your yard depends on a variety of factors. Here's a rundown of the main factors that determine whether you need a tree removal permit.

The type of the tree.

Owing to the ecological value of some tree species to the natural environment, most local councils have imposed restrictions on the removal of specific species without a permit. These species of trees are referred to as "protected species" and may not be removed unless they pose a risk to the safety of those living on a property.

Before cutting down any tree, you should contact your local council or visit their website to find out the specific types of trees that are protected and require removal permits in your area.

The size of the tree.

How trees grow varies wildly. Some trees are massive in size and are considered to be "significant trees" that can't be removed without checking with the local government in an area. Before felling a tree sitting on your residence, you need to get it measured. Once you have the height and truck size of the tree, check the listed measurement requirements for tree removal within your area. If the tree is larger than the permissible measurements, you may need to obtain a permit before removing it.

Where you live.

The location of your home can also determine whether you need a tree removal permit. If you reside in a fire-prone zone, you may not need a permit to remove all types of trees located a certain distance from your house.

The health of a tree.

Generally speaking, healthy trees that don't pose a risk to the safety of people or damage to property may require a removal permit. Dead or hazardous trees that can fall at any time and hurt someone may not require a permit to remove.

The first step in determining whether you need a tree removal permit is to consult your local authority to find all the relevant information about the requirements for cutting down a tree on your property. A tree removal specialist can help you cut red tape and ensure the applicable laws are met. Reach out to a professional for more information about tree felling