What to Expect: How Experts Ensure Safety During Tree Removal Projects

16 June 2020
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The process of tree removal does come with a significant major incident rate. What if the felled tree lands on your home? What about the power lines running so close to where the tree is? These are all legitimate safety concerns, but the good news is that you can rest easy when working with a professional tree removal service that does everything to guarantee everyone's safety.

What then can you reasonably expect from the experts that will make your tree removal safer?

Proper Planning

What may work in one tree removal project may not work for another. Professionals recognise that all too well, and that is why a thorough inspection is always the first place to start. Will they have to fell the whole tree at once or work section by section?

A comprehensive risk assessment will consider the size of the tree, its state, how it's leaning, if at all, and the surroundings. Professionals will always go with the technique that poses minimal risk.

Proper planning also includes ensuring that nearby power lines are well-grounded or otherwise de-energised for the duration of the tree removal. Electrocution and damage to the power lines resulting in a power outage will be the least of your worries. The crew can get in touch with the utility company on your behalf.

Use of the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment will not only ensure that your tree removal runs safely but also that it will be completed in good time without any delays. Chainsaws, pole saws, axes and wedges are the most commonly used types of cutting equipment.

Experts also need the right rigging equipment to help with climbing up and down the tree, as well as safely bringing down cut limbs. Such include ropes, blocks, pulleys and rigging plates. The right rigging equipment will ensure that the tree removal crew or the cut limbs they are carrying do not fall off.

It's not enough to just use the right equipment; experts will ensure that they use the equipment right. This means being adequately trained and competent in using them safely. Following the user or manufacturer's manual on equipment operation is important.

Safety Always

Safety must come first. Talk to your tree removal company about the specific measures, including those highlighted above, that they will put in place to ensure this safety. These measures should cover the preparation phase, the actual tree removal and the cleaning up after the project.