Vital Elements To Look Out For In Tree Reports

20 March 2020
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A tree report involves the assessment and reporting of particular issues affecting the management of trees. It is the legal duty of every landowner to make sure the trees in their property are safe. You should make sure the trees do not pose any hazard to people if the land is being used publicly. Tree reports will also help in the proper growth and development of any new trees. If you get the services of a professional arborist, here are the things that should be included in your report.  

Pest Disease and Decay Analysis

A professional surveyor will check if the trees have any pests and diseases. Trees infested with parasites can end up decaying. Such pests can also prevent the trees from growing. In severe cases, the trees become weak until they die. The experts will use specialized tools such as sonic tomographs to find out which pests are affecting your trees. The report will also include the measures you should take to remove these pests from the trees. That will ensure your trees always stay healthy. 


Trees found close to properties and people can pose various risks. Allowing your trees to decay to the advanced stage threatens the safety of anyone around your property. The expert tree report, therefore, needs to include any risks that the trees could cause to the people who access your property. That will help you know if you need to bring them down or if specialised maintenance is enough.

In the case where you choose to buy land with unmaintained trees, ensure the report examines all the risks. The professional arborist should provide detailed information in the tree report. That will help the landscape designers create realistic designs for the land.  

Compliance with Laws

Depending on the location of your property, getting a tree survey may be necessary. Thus, getting a tree report will ensure you are on the right side of the law. The government may prevent the cutting down of various tree species. Also, when it comes to the care and maintenance of trees, you need to follow specific laws. Once you are working with a professional surveyor, you can make sure you do what is right. They will include all the maintenance practices you should follow. 

In conclusion, tree reports will offer various benefits to the landowner. Thus, you should ensure you get them regularly. Always confirm that the tree report you get includes all the elements given. When working with these surveyors, make sure you get one who has a good reputation in the industry.