Three Risks Of Not Removing A Tree Stump

28 February 2020
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A responsible tree owner knows when it is time to admit defeat and remove a dead tree from their property before it causes any damage to its surroundings. However, when you have never removed a tree before, you have also never faced the question of what to do about the stump. To leave or to remove the stump is a question that needs answering after the tree has been felled and taken away. Whilst it is tempting to leave the stump in place rather than face the extra expense of removal, there are risks you face if you take this path. These are the three negatives of not removing a tree stump.

Termite Attractant

Australia already has a termite issue, with an estimated 1 in 3 Australian properties having termites in residence. If you are part of the lucky 2 in 3 Australian properties that do not have termites, you want to keep it that way. However, a tree stump is an attractant to these nuisance pests. As the stump dies, the interior succumbs to weather conditions and starts to rot. This soft, rotting wood is an ideal home for termites, and it does not take long for them to be attracted to the stump and then move in. Over time, the termite colony grows, and when they need to expand their colony they will look at your residence as a place to expand. Leaving a tree stump in place is an invitation for termites to move in.

Safety Risk

A tree stump jutting out of the ground is a safety risk because it is an object that could be fallen over. Because you know the stump is there, you become accustomed to moving around it. But children running at high speeds or guests unfamiliar with your property may not be so lucky and could fall over this hazard. It is better to remove the stump completely rather than risk broken bones or other injuries.

Regrowth Potential

Finally, if the tree stump does not die after the tree trunk is removed, there is always the potential for regrowth to occur. This may be favourable if you cut down the old tree because it was dead or diseased, but if you do not want a new tree to grow exactly where the old tree stood, then you must remove the stump to prevent this accident from happening.

A tree service has the details you need regarding the cost and time required to remove your particular tree stump.

To learn more, contact a stump removal company.