5 Ways That Trees Can Benefit Your Kids While They Play in Your Yard

25 February 2020
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Did you know that children who play outside are happier than children that stay indoors? The outdoors, even just your backyard, offers so much more stimulation than the walls of your home. But in an urban environment, there are unique risks that children face.

Planting trees in your yard space, however, can negate these risks and make your yard a safe and healthy place in which to play.

1. Trees Block Wind

In an urban environment, wind speed increases because the wind has to navigate around the many solid structures in its path. Strong winds increase the risk of your children suffering falls or other traumatic injuries. But with the careful placement of landscape trees, such as a row of pencil pines, you can control wind speed.

2. Trees Filter Pollution

You probably know that trees absorb much of the carbon emissions the world produces. And this alone is useful in an urban environment. However, while playing under the canopy of trees, children can also escape the poisonous particulates that rain down from the air, like soot and smoke from cars and industrial areas. A tree's leaves trap these particles and stop them from reaching the ground.

3. Trees Cool the Air

You don't have to be a scientist to know that trees cool the air around them. They do this by shading areas with their canopies, and by releasing water into the air around them. During a hot summer, this ability will keep your children cool.

4. Trees Shield Children From the Sun

Children have more sensitive skin than adults do. As such, they have a greater risk of suffering from a bad sunburn than adults do. Sunburns can lead to skin cancer. To protect your children from the harmful radiation of the sun's rays, plant some trees around your yard, where your children can play safely.

5. Trees Attract Wildlife

The world outside is so much more educational than the world indoors — especially for young children. They get to see life happening all around them, naturally and freely. But if your yard consists of just a lawn, your children's ability to enjoy and learn from nature is greatly limited.

However, with several trees dotted around your yard, you can attract birds and insects. During spring when birds mate and insects pollinate, trees can be highly educational and fun.

Is your yard bare? Will your children be playing outside next summer? Then plant several young trees in your yard. Choose a fast-growing variety and you'll have all of the above benefits within a few years. Contact a local wholesale nursery to learn more.